I’m not quite sure why I feel this way, but I’m feeling caged in by my life choices. I’m thinking about how to write that the right waywhich is weird because I’m supposed to be just shoveling my thoughts out on here. Alright, let’s shovel these thoughts out, whatver they are, this is part of mindfulness right? Noticing thoughts, feelings, presences, voids. I’m thinking about getting paid for just being myself. This is kind of a crazy idea right? Yet, it happens in life. I listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast because of what he’s created with those unedited conversations. His history notwithstanding, he has created a podcast where he can say and do what he wants, with whoever will come, and over a million people listen to him. I would love to make a podcast. But, I’d definitely have to become a better conversationalist and more critical thinker. It would be fantastic though. And I’d like to do it like his, just conversations with whoever I’m interrested in talking to, instead of doing a certain subject-matter show. Ian would be a great co-host, Ben would be okay. I want to take current events and break them down using logic and ciritcal thinking. Ok, I’ll dive into some news.

I have to come up with a podcast topic or direction, something that I can talk about for an hour. I know it’ll take a few hours to gather all the necessary materials. It has to be simple, yet relative and kind of controversial. 

Sitting in english class rigtht now. I should be getting a good amount of knowledge out of this class instructor willing. The book will give me some good knowledge for writing. I don’t know what I’m going on about. I just did a 30 minute jog, it was tough but better than yesterday. I wore my minimalist shoes and it had me running lighter on my feet. 


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