Lazy Daisy


The day feels sort of laxidaisical. I don’t know if I spelled that right. I’m here at work right now about to teach spin class. I think it will only be Omar and me. It’s not ideal, yet it is the Friday before labor day weekend so I presume many people are just not working today. Let’s see if Omar even shows. Spin doesn’t do great here but that’s only based on the past couple of months. After labor day it may pick up. Claudia’s class has her own following I guess, so she can keep that. Mine will have to get more interesting because I believe we need to keep that low-impact cardio option to break up the hiit workouts on Monday and Wednesday. 

I almost want to dive deep into taking ownership of this place and I feel that I’ll need to if I want to keep this consistent employment. But my goals of being independent are constantly beckoning. 

Not much logging happening today. Just drove around and checked out a few fitness centers. 

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